14341 N. Proctor Road
Columbia, MO 65202


Welcome to Alpine Park & Gardens, LLC offers an Extraordinary combination of Peace, Quiet and Beauty that one seeks out for that special day! In its serenity, surrounded by its wildlife preserve and meadows, Alpine Park & Gardens, LLC brings the perfect setting for those Memorable Weddings, Receptions, Reunions, Retirements and other momentous occasions.

We are  on  www.Facebook.com/ Alpine Park and Gardensllc and brides are using this medium to posted their photos/comments on it and will be adding to this site as this rolls on. Check out those who have had an event here and go to their FaceBook page to check out photos and comments.

Alpine is currently filling 2014  dates, check the calendar for availablity as it is kept current daily. Those seeking more information - a packet can be sent either by e-mail or  snailed mail by providing your current address and one will be mailed to you. The 2014/ 2015 calendar also now has dates being reserved. Needing a tour call and arrange one with Barry or feel free to meader around on your own and ask questions later.

Alpine Park is currently adding several projects to enhance the experience ; the Green house has been completed and will add an in house flower and plant growing element to the park. The pavilion yard shelter is adding an additional sheltered area to the park ( beer garden) over looks one of the Koi ponds and the bonfire  area.

The Japanese Garden is intering another phase as the 3 water ponds are being completed and a second ceremonial  site is under way. Plants and trees are being added this winter. A slow progression but visibly taken shape. This past summer was tough on plants and trees !

Exciting things are coming to Alpine Park and Gardens !