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"We Are Shaped and Fashioned by What We Love" - J. W. Goethe

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Alpine Park and Gardens offers an extraordinary uniqueness far from other outdoor venues. We are not just a building in a pasture.

We are located only 15 minutes away from Columbia, MO. We have a separate amphitheater surrounded by woods with an abundance of natural foliage and shaded seating for our guests. We offer a designated wildlife & forest preserve with many shaded trails, meadows, lakes, koi pond, a children's playground, a very large patio with a 30 foot grill just steps away from our pavilion, firework display options , and a variety of different garden areas. We can even host live bands for those who want a band out here! The extensive landscaping on our property was designed and constructed ourselves!

With all this, we continue to amaze all of our clients with "Country Elegance" at its best from all over the U.S., literally! We have been serving clients for over 24 years and have had several hundred events. Alpine Park and Gardens has brought family and friends, from all over the country (literally) to celebrate in an upscale, rustic chic setting! We can also host Reunions, Corporate Events, Church events, retreats, meetings, and other festivities, as well as Weddings.

This is private property,but we give tours by appointments! (Tours are not given on days that we have an event - check our calendar to check when we have events going on). Prior permission from Alpine Mgmt must be given, if bringing an animal to enter our park. Any visiting animal must be leashed and be under control the whole time.

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We are currently booking 2019 & 2020 dates. For those seeking more information, a packet can be sent either via email or mail by providing your current address. Tours by appointments: Call 573-443-7106, or email:

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