Hedge Garden

About Alpine Park and Gardens

Landscaper by trade for over 30 years, the owner has turned Alpine Park and Gardens into a Botanical haven of unique plants and landscaping throughout the 40 acres. Accentuating what Mother Nature does, all the landscaping and buildings are constructed by our own selves.

Alpine Park and Gardens offers an extraordinary combination of peace, quiet and beauty that one seeks out for that special day! For over 20 years, we have served clients, literally, from all over the country, and have been nominated as One of the Best venues in Central Missouri.

Tours are by appointment. Prior permission by the Alpine Park Mgmnt. to bring a dog onto our property, must be given. Outside dogs must be on a leash & handled by the owner the whole time. Appropriate shoe wear is advised. Guests are at their own risk - as we have various terrains since this is a park setting.

"Changing the Face of the Earth Daily Is a Life Long Vision to Leave It Better than the Way You Find It." - Mr. B