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Alpine Park and Gardens offers a variety of options to shape the day's events around your vision and budget. A consult is required to customize your options for your budget. For a complete packet, call (573) 443-7106, email, or make an appointment to visit Alpine Park and Gardens at 14341 N Proctor Rd., Columbia, MO 65202.

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Request our pricing packages. For weddings, our ala carte amenities mentioned below, are either included or deducted from our packages, based on your individual needs. For non-wedding events, you will need to set up an apt. so we can thoroughly discuss one on one, your needs for the day.

  • These are basic fees itemized out. All costs are to be paid 21 days prior to rehearsal/wedding or event. Various packages include several of the below-mentioned options: Request a packet and these things will make sense as to the flexibility of Alpine, as to offer for what you seek. Plus a consult will help too !
  • $700 Park Deposit - Applied toward total invoice – payable upon written reservation. **This deposit will secure your requested date**However, if you don't pay it, you may lose your requested date!
  • $500 Security DepositPro-rated refundable – due 6 months prior to event date. **Refer to cancellation policy in the packet.
  • $1,600 Park Fee (5 hour minimum on page 6 OR package selection # on page 4)
  • $250 Time extension - per hour - Applies to packages only with prearrangement/confirmation. * Must Be Prepaid
  • $450 Bride and Bridesmaids Dressing Suite – Subject to: Hairdresser, Parent(s) of Bride/Grandparents, Bride and Briesmaids, Photographer, and Flower Girl.
  • $150 Men's Dressing Room
  • $ Catering - Prices varies. Refer to menu on page 5 (of packet) upon request.
  • $135 Bar/Beverage Room Only. No food offered.
  • $480 Beverage Center Set-up: Pre-Reception/Reception – Bar mixes, variety of diet and regular soda, coffee, bottled water, ice, wine glasses, cups and condiments. Prorated for smaller/larger events per person.
  • $312 Floral Shoppe - Tools and accessories for floral work, refrigeration, and in-stock glassware with and w/o candles and other decoration items.
  • $18 Staff (8 hour shifts minimum) – Per hour per person (hostess, cake cutter, servers, bartender, etc.)
  • $300 Rehearsal Dinner Site (3 hours) - Includes table dressings and staff. Menu is additional price per person.
  • $350 Sound System – Wireless lapel microphone for ceremony, Pavilion music system (iPod and laptop compatible).
  • $600 DJ option
  • $150 Early Decorating Fee – Day before event, enables decorating the day before, starting after 9AM.
  • $589 Pyrotechnics (choreographed show, when dark -
  • $- Special Request - For items requested from outside sources.
  • $- Accessories - Refer to packet page 5.

    Other events are quoted per event specifications.

”You never have to change what you see, only the way you see it!” - Thaddeus Golas

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Packages are available and or personalized by ala carte options for your accessories (See Packet). These packages are tailored to 128 headcount and have the ability to adjust to your final headcount by multipliers to accommodate larger or smaller numbers. Alpine Park and Gardens has seven packages that start with basic needs through an all-inclusive package that has all needed vendors included (tailored to 128 but has multipliers to accommodate smaller or larger numbers). Check with us for further information.

If the event is for under 75 people, a consult would be required for price adjustment considerations.

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Every wedding, reception or other events are extraordinary and Alpine Park and Gardens prides itself on being able to assist you or your group in presenting your special event.

Have Alpine embrace you - and you can embrace the "Alpine Experience "
We will personally assist you in every aspect of your event, from looking for vendors, ideas, decorating, up to catering! Ask our staff for trends or invent your own--we’ll take it to the next level!
You want a day that guest will talk about for a long time...bring it to Alpine Park and Gardens.
Thank you for considering Alpine Park and Gardens.